Hey everyone! I wanted to throw together a quick pictorial for you showing how I achieve a warm plum smokey eye look. This look always is stunning when coordinated with a dress with similar colors, making it an easy dramatic eye look for a special occasion.

look 1Step 1: Prime your eyes using an eyeshadow primer. Today I used Urban Decay’s Original Eyeshadow Primer Potion. Because we are going to be blending many pigmented layers, a little cheat I do is set my eye primer with a nude powder or eyeshadow. This gives a little give the the surface and supports all that blending we’ll be doing. Today I set my lids using the first shade, a pale nude, from Elf Cosmetics’ Mad For Matte palette.

look 2Step 2: Start the transition gradient. Using a fluffy blending brush I picked up the fourth shade in the Mad For Matte palette and blending it from my crease almost to my brown bone, leaving room for the highlight we’ll add later. When doing an eye look with so much blending, always be sure to start with just a little product on your brush and build your way up to the desired pigment. Less is more!

look 3Step 3: We want to begin to deepen the crease. I switched to a more precise blending brush and I took the rich caramel shade from the Sunset Boulevard palette by J.Cat Beauty (second row, forth from the left) and added it to my crease. I started this color in the crease, but only blending it up a little over half way through the last color we applied. As we create this gradient, we want the colors to get more and more precise the closer we get to the lid.

look 4Step 4: Now it’s time to really add the warmth and depth. Using one of my favorite eyeshadows right now, I took Oktoberfest by Coastal Scents and really packed this into the crease, buffing the remaining pigment up towards the last color we applied. This is where the smoke starts!

look 5Step 5: Time for the plum-y lid. Going back to the J.Cat palette, I took the dark plum shade that is far right on the top row and packed that on to my lid. Once I had covered my lid with this gorgeous shade, I went back into Oktoberfest and buffed everything together.

look 6Step 6: Add a strong, blinding highlight to the brow bone and inner corner. Go ham with this one. Because the other shades we already used are all very rich and matte, a heavy highlight is going to frame the look beautifully. I used my Pearl Spotlight Highlight palette by Casey Holmes x Smashbox, taking the shade Turn It On Pearl. I love this highlighter palette so much!

look 7Step 7: Add a black waterline. Today I used Ciate London’s Wonderwand Gel-Kohl hybrid eyeliner in the shade black. I got this in my last ipsy bag and have been loving it, even though I usually hate pencil liners! I worked this into my waterline, added a pair lashes, and used Elf Cosmetics’ Mineral Infused Mascara on my lower lashes.

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this quick pictorial! Be sure to leave suggestions below for which eye look you want to see next!