Makeup has always been a fun and expressive part of my life and has interested me since an early age. Now a busy nursing student, I’ve made a commitment to always make time for my passion for makeup. I made this blog to share with you my journey to find quality beauty products, ranging from popular name brands to favorite drugstore gems. Makeup is an incredibly fun way to uniquely expressive oneself, which is why I’ve always loved sharing my favorite tried-and-true products to fellow friends and followers.

I believe honesty is the best policy and this is something I require in each of my posts so you get a realistic and detailed overview of a product. While my postings will include my honest thoughts,  I hope that each of them are explanative and informative and that you walk away (scroll away?) with your own formed opinion.

A note about commenting:

I manually approve all comments to keep discussion on topic. Spam and rude comments will not be published and put that IP address at risk for permanent blocking. I 100% accept all constructive criticism, relative product discussions, recommendations, etc. as comment material. If the comment is off topic and no longer aiding useful discussion of the original post, the comment may be removed. Thankfully, the beauty community is filled with so many lovely people and comments haven’t been an issue for this blog. I only put these parameters into effect now in case the situation ever arises. I want to keep this blog positively engaged in beauty discussion!